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What is a CT?

Computed Tomography (CT) Scan is one of the safest and most reliable examination methods available today. It is fast, uncomplicated, and completely painless. CT works with X-Ray systems that rotate around the body, taking cross-section pictures. CT builds up images of internal body structures and organs by scanning a series of slices that are later assembled with a computer imagining software to form a complete picture.

CT also makes it possible to portray parts of the body in a three-dimensional format, so overlapping body areas such as head, neck, shoulder, thorax, abdomen, pelvic, spine, or extremities can easily be examined. With CT, the inside of a patient's body can be dependably and precisely depicted and then examined.

Most people are eligible for a CT study unless they are pregnant. Pregnant people are not usually given CTs, or x-rays. If you are pregnant and your doctors wishes for you to have an imaging study, it will most likely be an ultrasound.




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